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Heavyweight Production House

Heavyweight Production House
Montreal - Los Angeles

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Adidas - Ali Values Painting

The Ali by adidas collection presents the Ali Values Project; an exciting story, featuring works of art by contemporary artists celebrating the values that Ali embodies:
Respect, Confidence, Dedication, Conviction, Spirituality, and Giving.

adidas Originals commemorates The Greatest through a very unique collaborative project that depicts each one of Ali’s personal core values.

LeRoy Neiman, Cey Adams, Shephard Fairey, Eric Bailey, HVW8, Usurgrow are the artists that re-interpret Muhammad Ali’s values into paintings and illustrations based on photos taken of him portraying these values. Representing a mix of high and low, fine art and street art, each artist’s work is used as graphics on track tops, t-shirts and footwear and will resonate beyond the typical urban consumer.

*Below - Progression of the Ali painting for Adidas. The photo image is from American photographer Howard Bingham.