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Heavyweight Production House

Heavyweight Production House
Montreal - Los Angeles

Monday, December 22, 2008

Never Alone Exhibition Red Bull Gallery - Toronto

"Z-Unit" 2008
by DSTRBO and myself at the 381 Projects Gallery in Toronto.
The show features works by Dennis Chow, HVW8, Paul 107, Marco Cibola and Tracy Maurice.

Red Bull 381 Projects is a platform to engage and gather creative minds to collaborate and broaden passions within the worlds of art and design. Chosen by an independent curatorial board, artists will be invited to utilize the environment as a space, atelier and ultimately a forum to showcase their work.

Red Bull 381 Projects is housed within the Red Bull Toronto office, the same space that played host to the Red Bull Music Academy in 2007. The Academy acts as a creative hub for the emerging music maker, complementing their new sounds with art borne from and shaped by the rich mix of cultures, lifestyles and ideas that is Toronto. 381 Projects strives to continue that legacy.

  • Red Bull 381 Projects
  • 381 Queen Street West, Suite 200
  • M5V 2A5