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Heavyweight Production House

Heavyweight Production House
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kelly Peterson and Alvin Queen

Email from Kelly Peterson after the recent tribute concert in Montreal celebrating 50 year anniversary of Oscar Peterson's Night train:

 It was so good to see you all! I am really glad you were able to come to the concert.

Yes, we went to the mural. The Burgundy Jazz people filmed us looking at the mural, and talking about it and talking about Oscar. Everyone was overwhelmed by how beautiful it is! They really loved it. I also made sure to show them the mosaics, and told about the whole project. I think the mural also made Alvin (especially) very emotional. He really misses Oscar. This was the first time we had seen him for almost 5 years, and he had not seen Oscar for more than a year before he passed away. So it was really very special. Even with the slushy stuff on the ground!

Thank you again for coming! It was great to have you there. I hope to see you again soon!


Alvin Leroy Queen was born in New York on August 16, 1950. He started playing drums when he was 8: he would shine shoes to pay for drum lessons. While still in his early teens, he would lie about his age to get into Jazz clubs, and received onstage tuition from Art Blakey, Philly Joe Jones, Art Taylor and Elvin Jones. Alvin met John Coltrane when he was 12 and Horace Silver when he was 14, and was already enough of a player to be allowed to sit in with them. Alvin and bassist David Young played with Oscar Peterson since the 70's.